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👉 Intro


Sovereign Transaction Infrastructure for Sovereign Blockchains

Skip helps sovereign blockchains and frontends improve UX and leverage MEV to enrich network stakeholders and protect them from its harmful effects.

What does Skip offer?

🧱 For Chains

Skip builds an open-source Block SDK that allows for full control over how blocks are built, including a MEV recapture mechanism, a sovereign Oracle, and segmentation to tailor blocks to your app-chain use case.

Used by the majority of major Cosmos SDK chains, we recommend the Block SDK for any chains running Cosmos SDK version 0.47 or higher. Integration takes < 20 mins, and please contact us if you need assistance.

🥷 For Searchers

On both chains that use Skip V1 and V2, searchers can participate in capturing MEV and bidding in the top-of-block auction for atomic execution. Check out our searcher docs for Skip V1 and V2.

👩‍💻 For Frontends

Frontends in the IBC ecosystem can dramatically improve their UX by using the free Skip APIs. See the docs for how to get set up!

Old Documentation

For chains that use Skip V1 (deprecated), see Select documentation