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Sovereign MEV Solutions for Sovereign Blockchains

What is Skip?

Skip helps sovereign blockchains and frontends improve UX and leverage MEV to enrich network stakeholders and protect them from its harmful effects.

What does Skip offer?

For Chains

Skip offers two products - Skip V1 Select and Skip V2 POB that allow for permissionless MEV recapture as protocol revenue, with full control over what kinds of MEV are allowed, and where revenue accrues. Skip V2 is recommended for any chains over Cosmos SDK version 0.47 as it’s fully in-protocol, decentralized, and lightning-fast. All integrations take < 20 mins to set up, and please contact us if you need assistance.

For Validators

On networks that use Skip V1 Select, validators can register to receive MEV rewards and share the revenue with stakers according to their preference.

For Searchers

On both chains that use Skip V1 and V2, searchers can participate in capturing MEV and bidding in the top-of-block auction for atomic execution. Check out our searcher docs for Skip V1 and V2.

For Frontends [COMING SOON]

Frontends in the app-chain ecosystem can dramatically improve their user’s UX and make the interchain feel unified, while recapturing harmless MEV for their users. Check back soon for documentation on how to get started!