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👉 Intro


Skip builds the best-in-class infrastructure for sovereign protocols.

Skip helps blockchains become more powerful and user friendly by providing them groundbreaking new products in oracles, consensus, sequencing, and interoperability.

⛓️ Skip On-Chain Products

🔮 Slinky

Skip builds Slinky, an enshrined oracle for the highest-performance DeFi that leverages your chain's native validator set to provide the fastest, most secure on-chain updates, guaranteed every block.

If you're interested in integrating Slinky, please contact us.

🧱 Block SDK

We also build the Block SDK, an open-source module that gives full control over how blocks are built, including a prebuilt MEV recapture mechanism, a EIP-1559 fee market, and segmentation to tailor blocks to your app-chain use case.

If you're interested in integrating, check out our integration docs!

👩‍💻 For Frontends & Wallets

Applications building in crypto can dramatically improve their UX by using the free Skip APIs. See the docs for how to get set up!