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Skip Select

Skip Select is a blockspace auction system that allows searchers to capture MEV in the Cosmos ecosystem, across a variety of chains, and for validators, stakers, and searchers to share in the rewards.

Please see our documentation below for how to integrate and use our endpoints.

For validators

Get started right away

Check out Quickstart to set up Skip Select now. It takes 5 minutes.

Validators that integrate with Skip Select:

  • Allow MEV to be captured in their blocks without needing to sign headers for unseen blocks, increasing block rewards without sacrificing their auction rights
  • Can prevent toxic MEV strategies like frontrunning & sandwich attacks, while still capturing revenue from other forms of MEV
  • Can configure how much MEV revenue to keep and how much to share with delegates and the network
  • Do not need to modify their consensus key signing services (e.g. Horcrux, TMKMS, or custom), or make any new security assumptions

The process of integrating with Skip Select is very easy:

  • Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
  • Estimated downtime: < 10 s with Cosmovisor
  • No need to make any modifications to consensus key signing services
  • No need to make changes to sentry ↔  signing node configurations

All you need to do is register for an API key and rebuild your chain client mev-tendermint according to the the instructions in Quickstart. Some chains include mev-tendermint in their default build, so you may not need to do anything outside of registering for an API key and configuring your chain to use it.

For searchers

Check out the Searcher Docs


Check out our FAQ page if you have more questions.