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✨ Slinky Overview

A full-service, secure, enshrined oracle.


  • Runs on the chain validator set - Slinky leverages the chain’s security, giving the fastest updates possible, and removing the requirement for a 3rd party chain.
  • Highly performant - can support over 2000 currency pairs and price feeds, allowing the launch of thousands of permissionless on-chain markets.
  • Full operational support - comes with 1-day SLAs around adding new markets, new price sources, and 24/7 on-call support and maintenance.
  • BFT security properties - leverages vote extensions & ABCI++ to ensure that at least 2/3s of validators contribute to every on-chain price update. It has the same security properties as Comet and the chain itself.

How it works

Slinky Architecture


  • The Slinky sidecar is an out of process service that efficiently fetches prices from various data sources and runs aggregation logic to combine them into a single price for each currency pair.

  • The application will use GRPC requests the sidecar to fetch the latest price for a given currency pair when it needs to submit prices to the chain.


Extend Vote / Verify Vote

The ExtendVote and VerifyVote methods of ABCI++ are where a given price starts its journey in the chain.

  • The application fetches prices from the sidecar and submits them to the chain via the ABCI++ ExtendVote method.
  • VerifyVote is also used to ensure that the submitted data is valid--i.e. it can be unmarshalled by another validator.

Prepare Proposal

During PrepareProposal the vote extensions from the previous round are aggregated by the block proposer, and various checks are run on them.

  • Slinky ensures that the set of vote extensions comprise the required minimum stake (default of 2/3).

  • It also ensures that the vote extensions are valid and can be understood by the application.

  • Finally, it encodes the vote extensions and injects them into the top of the block proposal as a pseudo-transaction.

    Prepare Proposal


It is crucial that the injected vote extension transaction is ignored by the chain application outside of the oracle's handling of it in Finalize Block.

For more information on Vote Extensions in general, refer to the Cosmos SDK docs.

Process Proposal

Process proposal is identical to PrepareProposal, except it is run on every participating validator.

  • If the validator comes to the conclusion that the injected votes are valid and comprise the required minimum stake, it will accept the proposal.

Finalize Block

The end of the prices' journey is in the Preblock step.

  • Here, the injected transaction data is unmarshalled, and the application takes a stake-weighted median of the price votes.
  • The resulting canonical price for each pair is stored in the x/oracle module and can be queried by any application.

Full Flow

This full set of steps repeats on every block resulting in a continuous stream of prices enshrined in the application by the validator set.