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🤔 What is Skip?​

Skip helps blockchains become more powerful and user friendly by providing them groundbreaking new products in oracles, consensus, sequencing, and interoperability.

We are a multi-product company, with each product designed to make chains more powerful at every level.

🤔 What are Skip’s products?​

  • 🔮 Slinky
    • Slinky is an enshrined oracle that integrates with Cosmos chains using ABCI++ to provide a simple, secure, and reliable way to post data on-chain.
    • It leverages chains' existing validator sets to secure posted data with the same set of security properties as CometBFT.
  • 🔀 Skip API
    • Skip API is a unified REST/RPC service that helps developers create more seamless cross-chain experiences for their end users, across a variety of bridges.
  • 🧱 Block SDK
    • The Block SDK is a set of Cosmos SDK and ABCI++ primitives that allow chains to fully customize their sequencing with powerful use cases. It turns your chain's blocks into a highway consisting of individual lanes with localized fee-markets, MEV recapture, and more.

🤔 Does Skip have a token?​


🤔 How many chains is Skip currently live on?​

Skip is currently live on 30+ chains across Slinky, API, and Block SDK, and other deployments, including Osmosis, dYdX, Berachain, Neutron, and Celestia... and more!

🤔 Is Skip a chain?​

No, it's a company that builds a suite of advanced on- and off-chain products that benefit other chains.

🤔 Does Skip charge for its products?​

Yes, depending on the product. The Block SDK is open-source software (Apache 2.0). Our Oracle Slinky is BSL licensed, and a service we charge for. The Skip API is free in most use cases, but heavy users are asked to pay.

🤔 Is Skip audited?​

Yes, Skip software is audited by multiple top-tier firms including Informal Systems, OtterSec, and Oak Security.

🤔 How does Skip make money?​

Skip is a Series-A company supported by chain-foundations, fees on our products, and grants.